The lore of the land

“Gird thyself with the weapons of knowledge and the armor of wisdom.”

In the middle of the earthly body that people call the world lies the continent of Juderah.
It is the home of mankind and many civilazations have risen and fallen here since the time of mortals. The following text is made of common knowledge about these lands.

Climate and Geography
The geographic regions on Juderah range from frigid tundra’s to desolate wastelands, with many types of landscapes and climates in between. A temperate to sub arctic climate is the most common.

The northern part of Juderah is mostly made up of the frozen wastelands and tundra’s of Sodom.
To the west lies the verdant kingdom of Cainaan , the savage hordelands, the realm of Socoth and the kingdoms nestled in mount Tabor. The most southern part of the continent consists of the mystic lands of Barasa, arid grasslands and dust blasted wastelands where the land gives in to the deserts of Uroch. The lands of the far east are a great mystery to even the most wisest of sages, for no one ever goes there.

The roll of years and timekeeping
The Egorian calendre is the standard calendar in Juderah. The years are counted since 0 PA (meaning Post Ascendancy). The time before 0 PA is indicated with BA (Before Ascendancy). A sigle week consists of five days and a year has ten months, each month having eight full weeks. The change of seasons and holy days are celebrated with lavish festivals, such as the returning of suns and harvest tide.

A vast majority in Juderah worships the divine powers known as the light. Guided by the ever present The church of light , they revere high heaven’s light and it’s ten Deities known as the ten apostles.

The people believe in spiritual figures such as demons and celestials roaming the world and altering their lives in many ways. To them, prayer and the blessings are a very real thing, as their church wields these divine powers before their very own eyes every day to protect them from dangers they cannot comprehend. Small cults and sects believing in other faiths or praying to dark gods exist but these are isolated and not well known.

Coin and commerce
Hard work is a way of life throughout the lands of Juderah. People work from sunrise to just before sunset with breaks for meals and naps. The standard wage for a day laborer is a single silver piece. This can be somewhat lower in the agricultural areas.
Bronze, silver and golden coins are accepted all across the continent, with the exception of a few desolate tribes and clans. Coins are also known as bronze bits, silver shards and gold crowns.

Not much trade activities exist between the lands. The reason for this is that is is simply too dangerous for merchants to travel far away from civilization. The merchant Guilds are one of the daring few who do. Still, most of the wealth is in the hands of ruling nobles and merchant lords.

The arcane
The obscure study and dicipline of harnessing magic. The common folk believes in the existence of the arcane, however few have ever seen or studies magic. Even fewer welcome those who did, as it is known as dangerous and blasphemous. See On Arcana

On alchemy
The advanced science of alchemy. The few people gifted with literacy sometimes devote themselves to this alchemical science. See On alchemy

The common folk of Juderah place great stock in strong families and familial ties. Marriage is common in most societies in Juderah, though vary widely according to tradition. Arranged marriages are uncommon except among the nobility. Divorce is rare. Polygamy is also rare, occurring mostly among the wealthy. Children are regarded as a blessing, and large families are common in relatively safe and prosperous regions. People retire around the age of 50, with the age of 70 seen as very old. Only the wealthy can afford to retire (or to not work at all).

A language known as the common tongue is spoken and understood by many, although multiple dialects exist. It is written in the standard Sinaitic alphabet.

Many of the people living in Juderah are illiterate, not receiving education apart from practical knowledge. The church has small libraries and educates people, though this is mostly about the teneths of faith.
Most knowledge is in the hands of hidden libraries and shady organisations, many of them not intend on sharing anny of it as the truth can be a powerfull weapon indeed.

Some organisations do try to educate people, one of them being The Institute

The lore of the land

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