the kingdom of Cainaan

“Not even the sun can banish the phantoms of our land. Nevertheless,
we huddle in the darkness and pray for dawn.” – King Logan the fifth

Sparsely populated and at peace, situated between the savage Hordelands in the west and the icy Tabor mountains in the east, the kingdom of Cainaan is perhaps the most beautiful of the surrounding lands. Vegetation grows wild and lush and the forests team with wildlife. The Jordan river rages down from the mountains into the lower woodlands that make up most of the kingdom.

Governance and Law
Ruled by king Logan the fifth, he is known as a weak ruler. His father, The Great Logan the fourth never returned from the last great crusade to the eastern lands.
Since Cainaan’s founding the kingdom has been in a state of political unrest between the monarchy and the church.
Though officially a monarchy, the The church of light has an enormous political influence.

The law is held held by the king’s men at arms and his Cainaaite knights, but the organization known as the tribunal is truly in control.
As a section of the church they patrol the lands with zealous faith as they keep the the population safe of threats. Threats that man cannot nor mustn’t understand.

However the tribunal also hunts down those who do not acknowledge the church’s teachings as their way to salvation. This fact is well known but no one speaks of it, believing it is for the better of all.

The Cainaanite people
The Cainaanites are pious people and suspicious of the arcane, but mostly hardworking and generous folk. These people are renowned for being skilled artistans and for the splendid architecture found in their larger cities. Despite this, nearly three quarters of the people are farmers, especially the people living in the east.

Most Cainaanites have blue green eyes with a strong gaze, thick hair, a stocky build and a rather pale skin color.
The teachings of the church of light are something important in their lives: many live their lives according to dogma and sometimes supperstition. Shrines and churches are present everywhere in the kingdom.
People also greatly respect the night, not even leaving their homes after the sun has set for reasons that are well understandible.

Although at peace with the surrounding realms there are many tales that tell of the strange events and unexplainable things that seem to hapen here.

Near the western plains within this Kingdom lies the village of Elreth.

Other major sites of civilization include

the kingdom of Cainaan

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