On Arcana

The Arcane

The practise and study of the arcane is a dicipline where the caster distorts, amplifies and then shapes the physical laws, ignoring or redefining them around him for a short duration of time. The results caused by doing this is known as arcana, magic or witchcraft

Once wielded by the servants of the heavens and hells alike, this tremendous power that can be gained this way can be used only by the strongest of minds and most hardiest of souls .

place in society
Individuals who practice the arcane are rare indeed and generally avoided, seen as blasphemous and a source of evil in many societies. The tribunal, as a subfaction within [[The church of light. | The church of light.]] actively persecutes those who use these powers.
This is not wholly unjust, as many casters certainly have provoked doom to themselves and their surroundings. The ancient Mage Clans are one of the few organisations who have been known to study the arcane in ancient times.
Common belief has it that Arcana was forbidden for mortals to use, but brought into this world by a sly devil.

Arcane practices
For mortals to truly master the arcane takes lifetimes of study and training.
Many ways exist to use the arcane, but they all commonly draw upon the same principle of distortion of the natural world and it’s laws.

Glyphs are unstable forms which aid the caster in amplifying the miniscule cracks in the natural boundaries that he can make. The caster can then channel and direct the amplified distortions, resulting in arcane (magical) effects.
They are usually written on scrolls, carved on staves and idols or painted directly on the skin and hand palms with alchemical residue. Sometimes they are painted on the ground or on banners in intricate circles.
Studying these is an important part of spellcraft.

Side effects

On Arcana

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